Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Puppet's Pretender + Atmosphere

Introducing...Puppet’s Pretender!! (5 actually because Nana is absent during a photo shoot.) hehe! :-P

This day, my minds keep poison like a tank full of petroleum. But I am full of ideas. (well.., ideas for life!) Afta making a script + direct a movie, now I am proudly embrace myself next as a dirty poet. I'm writing a song for my very own band. We have a project name called 'Puppet’s Pretender'. We don't have drums or guitar to play but we use our 100% voices as a music and choir. 14 songs waiting to be release in this summer. Atmosphere came like a space thunder. land on the Sonnets Unrealities desert. 5 puppets going to sing straights from their heart and symphony through your ears.

Puppet’s PretenderAtmosphere

1. Mother Father

2. Country

3. Candy Road

4. Superficially in saint

5. Sinner in the dark

6. Sonnets Aurora

7. Atmosphere

8. Unrealities

9. Thank You

10. This Remembrance

11. Dirty mind, dirty soul

12. Perfume & Pressure

13. Bad Dreams

14. Promises Part ii

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