Monday, May 17, 2010

Updates from my wisdomful Father.

I'll start off with a post from my tumblr:

Yes, these are the exact words that my Father said to me.

Other facts for you:

  • Every person who is gay will be beaten up or physically abused during their lifetime. (I will, and my gay male cousin will be beaten up even more, because he is male.)
  • Straight people who say being gay is okay actually go behind your back as soon as you're not there and call you 'all of the names under the sun'.
He also said to me "I know exactly how your life will pan out."

Therefore, aside from knowing all about gay people and knowing everything that every straight person thinks about gay people, he now claims to be psychic.

Feel free to throw abuse at my Dad, I really don't mind.

Also, please don't comment saying 'don't listen to him'. Don't worry, I'm not listening to a word: I am who I am.

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