Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sudan set

This is what I worked on yesterday and completed. These are the first finished pieces. I used both red/green because those are two of Sudan's colors and I may go back and add black/white somewhere, what do you think?

You don't have to use them specifically for the kitchen, I just thought it would be fun too! It can be to plant a seed and blossom into a beautiful flower, or maybe you have been wanting to grow your own herbs forever and needed something cute to place them in. You could also store your "crap" that normally gets tossed on your desk and collects, but now it would be stored in something beautiful! Or maybe you don't want anything in it and want to admire it all day long. Your preference.

What I was thinking was the bigger plated thingy you could lay some food on when you have friends together and the smaller one put peanuts, edamame, M&Ms on it. Then with the small planter pot you could put your dip in it (ranch, salsa, queso) You could throw a fiesta! And then your friends will ask, "Hey, where did you get those, I've been looking for something like that?" and you respond, "Well actually my friend Danielle is going to Africa and she painted these and I gave her a donation to go!" and then y'all keep talking forever.

Ok I got carried away, but this is fun!

This set is a bundled package for $30 and all the money goes to my trip in Africa.

Love y'all!

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