Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Studying for finals is not an easy thing, especially for me. My friend Chelsea and I wanted to go visit one of our favorite places to attempt to study: Art 6. Yes, the place I boast about a lot and to see our friend Tommy who is part of the original 6 crew. And of course I got a Sex in a Latte, Sex in a Cup...wait...what is it called, oh ya Better than Sex Latte that we always go for. And then we attempted to study. Here's what happened though:

Chelsea let me have some of her Lay's chips, I first picked this one out and said: "I'm going to take a picture of this, look how big it is, and since I love taking macro pictures of everything I'll just do that right now and show people how big this chip is."

Chelsea had not eaten dinner yet so she got this yummy pizza bagel thing that comes with a pickle and chips, $4 bucks, not too bad.

I really was looking over my Education notes and then I thought of this genius plan where I invite friends over for dinner Monday night, so I wrote that on a notecard and talked about that for about 15 minutes. Plus we really do need to relax for finals, were tired of school!

And for Chelsea it consisted of writing out on her new planner (well for May-July its on a calendar paper which she is going to glue in her new planner) then use it when it starts in August.

You see, we get things done. Their important. And slowly we will study. We only spent that night writing on notecards. Were going to pass all our finals!!

Read back tomorrow when I attempt to do my last Art History assignment or I'll just blog about old memories, yeah that sounds better.

Love you all!

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