Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Messing up, lots.

Well last night I was really excited to be cooking up PDubb's Beans & Cornbread + Mocha Brownies. Things started falling apart, I may have wanted to cry, but I took it like a big girl and sucked it up. And I may have said one or two cuss words also, things just kept falling on the floor and I didn't like the way things turned out. Also I started the beans late so dinner was at 9nish last night. That may have been why at 4:30 this morning my body was ready to get up and go again since I ate a mocha brownie.
Ok I could keep complaining, but it was still a great meal with good company and God is so good for providing me with food all the time!

IMG_1334, originally uploaded by dlandy77.


I just thought this swirly thing looked cool so I wanted a picture. Hey, I was tired and anything looked cool to me.


Forgot to spray the pan. Whoops, then my brownie burnt. We still ate it.


Yes, I konw, I also burnt the cornbread. I was supposed to first pour this into a skillet for about one minute and right when I poured in the mix one side folded up and cooked more fast then the rest. And the cornbread was thin. I'm so sorry friends, cooks make mistakes.


But it still turned out to picture worthy. Don't be alarmed by that weird fat lookin thing, thats my bacon that made the meal good too.


I sucked at getting pictures of dessert tonight, but I'll let you know that it was delicious and I love ice cream and brownies all the more.

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