Friday, May 14, 2010


Sorry I haven't updated.

I don't know what my problem was.
Maybe because it was finals week.
Maybe I was sad, not really.
I don't know but I will fix those problems.
Do y'all like me updating all the time or want a break?

This is basically what you missed..
I finished my junior year of college!
Whoop! (I know I don't go to A&M but I like saying it)

I also made more food and had people over a lot. I will post pictures of the meal I made, the girls enjoyed it.

And I had my first Sigma formal where I won this award where I literally was taking pictures of the food we ate 5 minutes prior:

This was what I ate (and I had 3 servings of chicken, I couldn't help it)
sigma alpha: spring formal 2010 sigma alpha: spring formal 2010

My super cool amazing beautiful kind date:
sigma alpha: spring formal 2010

These will be my roommates for the next year (please Campus Park let them live with me):
sigma alpha: spring formal 2010
I don't know what it is I just think this captures us so well, sorry Chelsea, I know you don't like this one, too bad.

And I loved that the girls and I had similar dresses:
sigma alpha: spring formal 2010

So that's basically all you missed.
I promise I will update more.
But for now I am going to soak in a movie because its raining outside and thats what happens when it rains outside, you watch movies.

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