Saturday, May 15, 2010


If your not drooling by the end of this or wanting this, then I would be concerned for you. I ate this meal about 5 days ago and even posting this now at 10:24 in the morning I'm wanting it again. This is what happened Monday:

I wanted to cook for my sisters that I pledged with in the fall and since it was finals week it was all the more to whip them up a tasty meal. Chelsea helped me prepare the meal as well.

In the far future I would love my "cooking space" to be expanded. This is about how much space I work on. And I use the computer as my guide since this recipe wasn't posted in PW's cookbook.

A view of the chicken that was scarfed down by each one of us. I don't think any of those girls would be ashamed to say how much they ate that night.

I'm still thinking about how darn good that chicken was.

Typically, I wouldn't throw these sizes of garlic in my meal, but it was asked and I did and I don't regret it.

Because later it would look like this.

Then with pasta it looks like this. Gaaaahhhhhhhhh I want more!

The bread I didn't make. I can't lie about that, but it topped off the meal wonderfully.


Your original chocolate chip cookies with ice cream.

This recipe I grabbed from Bakerella and she says mid-way when the cookies are cooking to drizzle the extra chocolate chips on top so they stick out. Best decision I ever made.

You know how I like those close up pictures.

I mean holy moly, I can't take it. This is too good to be true. And to think that when I'm in heaven there will be better things to fill me up. Wow!

I'm so thankful for food.

Love you all!

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