Monday, May 24, 2010

fail #2

An attempt at biscuits, failure.
It doesn't stop me from cooking.
I want to make them again, but I thought I would still show you pictures.

Here's where things start to get wrong. I didn't have a biscuit cutter so I found this pumpkin shaped cookies cutter, sometimes you just have to improvise. Maybe that hindered the biscuits.

#2: I don't have a roller or much space to work for the dough so I laid it down on a pan, pressed with my hands. I think I made them too thick.

#3: As you can tell I cooked them a little too long. I guess lightly brown to me means the biscuit is breaking apart.

Again, the final product. I had three different appearances of biscuits and had my own taste test. I filled them all with grape jelly since that's how I would normally eat my ready-made biscuits. The top right one was the most burnt and crunchy, but it wasn't too bad of a taste. The one to the left also seemed a little too brown but actually turned out being the best. The bottom one appearance wise seemed the best but it was too soft and didn't seem cooked enough.

I will give it another go and report back, but it may be a month or two later.

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