Saturday, October 2, 2010

spot 6 and 7

This is another double post to end on my last favorite spots in Denton. There's plenty of places I love in this crazy city, don't get me wrong, but through this week these are the 7 places where I typically once a week if not more.

So #6 is: Target

Yeah, I know, nothing too special about it, except everything! Even if I have a list of stuff I need to get, I always go outside of that list and wind up picking up something I don't need. Target sucks me in everytime (good? or bad?). Its my mall basically because it has everything I need in possibly one store, most of the things are good prices and I just love the vibe of it.

funny lookin' stuff

And the last place is: Art Six
I know I've talked about this famous coffee shop before, but now I have a reason to talk about it again! I haven't been much this semester, but everytime I go I'm always impressed with the new art that's hanging around. I love the atmosphere as well and just having great conversations with friends. If your in Denton and get a chance to go, either get: Better Than Sex Latte (yap, that's the name) or Butterbeer!!

That concludes this series of blog posts, if you have an idea you want me to post about, hit me up!

And if you're new to Denton I hope this helped you find some new spots to be at!

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