Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hooray for Daddy!

First off... isn't the pic above to-die-for cute?!? Peter and Ethan are close cousins and are quickly becoming BFFs. Peter even asked me to call Ethan on the phone yesterday. The conversation was pretty funny (given that they are both 3-year-olds):

PETER (with my prompting): Hi-- is Ethan there? This is Peter.
(after chatting a bit with Aunt Rachel G.)...
ETHAN: Hi Peter! Do you want to play?
(as reported to me by Rachel G.)
PETER: Hi Ethan! Uh hum... [Awkward silence from Peter's end]
He just kind of sat there. But it was thrilling to see that he wanted to reach out and connect with his buddy. Seriously, so cute. We'll keep practicing phone conversations. :)

As for the HEADING of this lovely blog... HOORAY FOR DADDY... Robert was sworn into the Utah Bar today and so is officially a full-abled practicing lawyer!! WAHOO! He came home with his new awesome business cards yesterday (a day early I guess, before they were "official")-- "Robert.... Attorney-at-Law." Congrats, honey! This has been many years in-the-making and I am proud to be a part of it all.
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