Wednesday, October 20, 2010

fall list

I love being inspired by all the bloggers I follow and getting juicy ideas of things to create or post to write's post got me inspired by looks good to me who I've been following for awhile now, she gave me the idea to create my 2010 fall list that I want to complete before December!

My list includes:
1. buy pumpkins with roommates + decorate
2. get 'gaga' up for the halloween party (so so pumped!!)
3. create handmade journals
4. finish Radiant, begin Captivating/Wild at Heart
5. skype w/ a new friend
6. begin and finish an acrylic painting before fall is over
7. do something with the "opps" paint i bought at home depot 3 months ago
8. cook a grand meal for friends
9. go to a haunted house & pumpkin patch
10. have my 22nd reality TV star birthday party (LEGIT!)

Those are just a few things under my Fall list, what do you want to accomplish this Fall??

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