Sunday, October 17, 2010

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On Shahrukh Khan side, his movie My Name is Khan is not being allowed or “forced to not being allowed” in some cinema halls in India. Why? Recently Shahrukh Khan said that even good and merited Pakistan Players can be included in IPL teams. This somehow didn’t please the Shiv Sena group.
They are saying that SRK is a typical racist muslim (in their idiot opinion) who does not care about the victims of 26 November attack done by some Pakistan terrorists. As such they have even warned cinema owners that if the movie is screened, they will set ablaze the cinema halls.
So we ask these idiots and over passive population who are letting these IDIOTS grow stronger (Idiot = The Jaipur Group and the Sena Stuff), should Indian hate all Pakistan people because some devilish terrorists from Pakistan committed an atrocity? Do we have to punish a whole country, a whole religion and a whole culture just because of the work of a foolish minority?
Time to think and stop being passive…Indian brothers! Else you will soon be only watching movies that your Sena or whatever “Political Group” love and not a movie which depends on your choice.Reason why? In our opinion it is because there are sc*m heads in these region concerned. Apparently in the movie Veer there are some scenes which some people of Rajasthan are not liking. They are saying that it creates misconception about their culture.
As such the Rajput Sena Karni has decided that they will not allow the movie to be featured in their local cinema theaters. Some member of this group have even damaged some cinema halls who were screening the movie. And we ask ourself, since when does a movie was supposed to be saying something real? Movies are fictional!
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