Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Real L Word: Oui ou non?

Yeah, I've put it off for a long while, but I think it's time we discussed the revelation that is The Real L Word.

TRLW isn't actually out in England yet, so you may not have seen it if you are not in the United States.

In theory, all visibility for LGBT communities is good visibility. However, some have argued that this poor excuse for a trashy reality series should never be spoken about again. Somewhat like 'He Who Must Be Named', a.k.a Lord Voldemort. DARN, I said His name.

But how bad is it, really? Let's examine the characters.

Exhibit A: Whitney.

Pros: F*cking HOT. Gets more girls than Hugh Hefner. Has the cutest smile. Mysterious. Charming.
Cons: Cheater. A notorious liar. Doesn't really know what she wants.

Exhibit B: Tracy.

Pros: Gorgeous. Kind. Caring. Honest.
Cons: Has a sucky ass Mother. Kinda boring. Shy.

Exhibit C: Mikey.

Pros: An icon in the fashion world. Has a smokin' hot fiancée. Softie at heart.
Cons: Can be such a biatch. Repetitive. Puts on a hard front.

Exhibit D: Nikki.

Pros: Is one half of the most adorable real life couple. Determined. Sassy.
Cons: Can be over-powering. Sometimes over-dominates. Gets jealous easily.

Exhibit E: Jill.

Pros: Is the other half of said adorable couple. Cute. Rather intelligent.
Cons: Easily swayed by Nikki. Overly hesitant. Quiet.

Exhibit F: Rose.

Pros: Pretty. Has a gorgeous on/off girlfriend. Confident.
Cons: She's a massive dick most of the time. Cheater. Unreliable.

If you've seen The Real L Word, what did you think about it? And if you haven't, do you think you'll be watching?

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