Thursday, September 23, 2010

Aku Jurubahasa Isyarat!

Until other member still not understand my career & if I said sign language interpreter & they was like "what..??"..Ok, my position is working for the deaf & they always need me to communicate with the hearing people such as health issues, meeting, marriage course, conference etc. There are too many things that THEY are always needed my services. Looking @ the picture below...

Latest pic taken @ the Disable people conference which take 3 days ahead in PWTC. I am glad that my confidence level in interpreting is getting higher especially in this special event which situated on a big stages & lots of involvement by NGO & government. Just 5 month working & having this opportunities make me feel more confidence to give the best services for the deaf.

...Moment that I will never forget. Happy dpt jumpa member lama..kira reunion gak la! I hope everyone of you will success & don't forget me! I love uols! :-)

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