Friday, September 10, 2010

1st Day of Official Preschool

Here's a little photo montage to prove that we are, in fact, still alive AND that Peter is getting so big! AHH! He just started preschool this last Thursday and LOVED it. BEYOND loved it. He went straight for the puzzles (the "gathering" activity in class) and didn't look back. I was the one snuggling him for hugs (while he was trying to work on the puzzle) and kissing him and telling him it would be fun/okay... I guess I was reassuring myself?

Anyway, he loves Miss Allie, his teacher, and his class and I am SO happy for him to have this new independence. He so needed a chance to get out, be challenged, and shine. Now I just need to cope with the fact that my little buddy is getting so big... bah! (THOUGH it IS nice to have him at preschool twice a week-- some Jer-bonding time for me... aka, running errands-time!!)

In Robert news, we are WAITING... anxiously, anxiously waiting... for the bar results. They should be coming anytime now (predicted to arrive in the next two weeks). I still think he rocked it. But we shall see! Either way, I know everything will be okay and Robert will thrive as a lawyer.

Peter BEYOND EXCITED to get going to preschool! He couldn't stop talking about it all morning and was even super antsy and excited when I put him to bed the night before.
Showing off his awesome Buzz Lightyear backpack. (D.I. find. Yes, I DO love D.I. No, I am not ashamed.)
Oh the cousin love... (And yes, finally a genuine, non-cheesy smile from Peter!)
... And I think this has to be one of my favorite pictures. EVER. JackJack and Peter are so funny... a true "love/hate" relationship... but gearing more toward "love" (aka SILLINESS!) now that they don't live together. :)

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