Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yes, I'm STILL Pregnant

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with my blog, but Robert and I saw Stranger Than Fiction last night and I must say, we loved it. It's a very quirky, weird film (which both of us love) . . . and we're both English geeks, so we appreciated the literary references. Watching this film is like reading a Jorge Luis Borges short story; modern, sometimes nonsensical, but cool. Really cool. (Okay, so the movie's not as weird as Borges, or as brilliant. But you get the idea. You're expected to accept the absurd in order to get to the thematic realities.)

*Sigh.* Not much has happened lately (as you can tell from reading the title). I'm still pregnant. Still uncomfortable. Still unable to reach my toes without serious effort (usually not worth it). People keep telling me to appreciate this time and to sleep a lot, since I won't be able to sleep much once the baby's born. I'm trying to take this advice . . . but at this state of my pregnancy, I can't seem to sleep much anyway and everything-- EVERYTHING-- is uncomfortable. (Or at least harder than normal. Who knew that picking something up off the floor counted as an accomplishment?)

Sorry for the whining. I've been blessed to have a good pregnancy. I was sick . . . but not as terribly as other Moms I know . . . and the baby is healthy by all accounts. Plus I have MADE IT to full term (for two weeks now), which is such a relief and a blessing. Now if I could just convince the baby to come . . .

In other news, I'm excited to report that my sister Katie finally updated her blog! It had been seriously almost a year . . . so I had given up hope. I happened to check it today, though, mainly because nobody else had updated theirs yet, and I was very surprised to find that she had posted some cute pics of her family. Hooray! Welcome back, Katie!

Robert's grown somewhat impatient about hearing from the rest of the law schools. All the schools told us not to expect to hear back until March, at the earliest, so we've been spoiled to hear from five of his eleven schools already . . . but I admit, it is hard to wait for the schools we REALLY REALLY want. We like the other schools we've heard from, but Stanford, U of Chicago, Northwestern, and UCLA are his top choices at this point, and all of them are hard to get into. He's in the score ranges of them all, so he is able to get into them, but because they are all top top schools, it is more likely that he won't get into them . . . so we're dying to know. And if he gets a scholarship offer from any of these schools, well . . . it will be hard to turn down. Still no guarantees, though. We are keeping our options open.

Okay, this blog is taking on a life of its own. And it's boring. I'm sorry if I'm disappointing any blog stalkers out there. I'll do my utmost to do something interesting so I can post about something interesting.

Have a great day either way! (-Jocelyn)

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