Tuesday, February 6, 2007


As evidenced in the pictures all around (yes, my husband is a ham :) . . . Robert BROKE his wrist snowboarding last Wednesday! He's in a snowboarding class through BYU, and on Wednesday, he fell awkwardly on his left hand. He actually said he didn't think much of it; it stung for a moment, but then he was okay enough to snowboard for another 2 hours or so (being careful to not use his left hand). We decided to get him checked out to be sure and it turns out that he broke it in TWO places. The first break is an easy one to heal according to the doctor, but the second break may be a little more risky, because if it's a deep and long enough break, it may kill the bone. He's going to see a specialist next week to find out if that's the case.

I couldn't stop laughing when we left the doctor's, because it was just so ironic (and thus funny) that Robert should break his wrist just a week before our baby's due. I keep suspecting that he broke it on purpose so he'd get off of diaper changing duty. I reassure him, though, that I have absolute confidence in his one-handed diaper changing abilities. HAHA.

Yes, I'm still pregnant. I've experienced *fun* contractions off and on all day for the past two days. I just hope they become consistent so I am actually in labor and can get this baby out! We'll let you know when it all happens . . .

Love to all and thanks for reading! (-Jocelyn)
PS- Check out my mom's and my sister Megan's blogs! They also have once again joined the blogging world . . . welcome back!

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