Friday, February 9, 2007

Piccadilly Cowboy

Exciting news in the world of Gibbonsdom. I called into 101.9 The End this morning and was lucky enough to win passes to see the Utah premiere of Piccadilly Cowboy in March. I'm also entered to win a trip to London to see the London premiere. That would be quite exciting to win, since I've never been outside the country.

Apparently, Piccadilly Cowboy was made by an LDS guy and it has LDS characters; you can see the trailer at

In other movie news, I watched the trailer for a film called "September Dawn." It's listed as an upcoming LDS movie on, but it actually looks very anti-Mormon. It stars Jon Voight (from the 1st Mission: Impossible), and it's about the Mountian Meadows massacre.

And finally, and most importantly, Jocelyn and I think we have discovered a name to what she has been experiencing the past few days. It's called Prodromal labor and you can read about it at and

Hopefully this all results in a baby soon!


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