Saturday, January 20, 2007

Big Trouble in Little China, Big Baby in Little Belly

I went to Blockbuster video the other day to rent Big Trouble in Little China (which my wife admitted she liked more than she thought she would--she'd been afraid to see it for quite a while), a Kurt Russell classic from the 80s. The lady at the checkout convinced me to sign up for a free two-week trial of their Blockbuster Online deal. In return, we got Big Trouble in Little China for free and received three additional movies in the mail that we can return whenever we want. In the past few days, we've also seen Ice Age 2 and Invincible through this deal. Then, each time we return one, we get another free in-store rental and the immediately ship a new one in the mail. It's a good deal when it's all free. We just have to remember to cancel before the deadline. What's interesting about this program is that because they give you so many free movies, there's no way you could ever watch all of the movies they try to give you each week unless you do nothing else. It's movie oversaturation.

Meanwhile, the baby is trying as hard as he can to kick and punch his way through Jocelyn's stomach. A lot of the time she's in more pain than she's supposed to be, and we've been close to making a couple of trips to the hospital because of serious abdominal pain.

It's weird that the baby is so close to arriving. We've been improving the house bit by bit, clearing up space, getting rid of things we don't use, and making the baby room look like a real nursery. We're both excited and nervous at the same time, and Jocelyn gets that motherly glow about her more and more every day.


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