Friday, January 26, 2007

Twig by Twig

*Sigh.* Isn't my husband the sweetest? I kind of held off blogging (for TWO WHOLE DAYS!!!) because I felt flattered by his kind blog. Thanks, Honey!

Enough about me, though. Robert has heard from two more law schools in the past few days. He has been accepted to both BYU and to University of Iowa. BYU is offering him a scholarship (hooray!), but we're not sure how much yet. University of Iowa didn't mention a scholarship in the e-mail, but the official letter is on its way, so we'll see. It's kind of funny. All of our Utah friends and family are praying for us to go to BYU . . . and all of our California friends and family (mainly family; my side) are praying for us to go to UCLA (which we haven't heard back from yet). We're not making ANY guarantees. As far as we're concerned, any of the eleven schools is a possible end choice. We'll just have to see . . .

BACK to me. :) I have turned into a cleaning machine. It's all about the "nesting" phase of pregnancy. In the past week, I have become obsessive compulsive about being clean. Any spare moment I have, I start scrubbing things. It's kind of cool. Kind of creepy. But hopefully it will get our house completely organized and spotless before the little one arrives and the nesting hormones go away.

Two weeks from today is our due date! We can't WAIT!!! (-Jocelyn)

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