Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Holidays

Christmas Day belly shot. Merry Christmas, Peter (that big lump in my tummy)!

This is not my favorite pic of myself, but it's the best one of Robert and me on Christmas Day! John took this shot of us in front of the Bunch Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all! Both were joyous occassions, sweetened by the company of family and friends. We spent Christmas Eve with the Gibbons; Christmas morning at our house, then back at the Gibbons; and Christmas dinner and evening (we even spent the night!) at my sister Megan's house with all of the Utah Stayners. It was a very full, but very happy Christmas.
New Year's Eve was spent picking up Brittany at the airport and then playing games (of course). I really think if you made the calculations, about 50% of our marriage has been spent playing games. It's all part of marrying into the Gibbons family, I suppose, and I'm good with it, because I always wanted to play games growing up and it was hard to convince any of my older siblings (or my parents) to play them with me! So now, I get to play games all the time. I'm pretty competitive, but so is Robert and the rest of his family, so it makes for good times (actual heated battles arise only about 1% of the time and they are always resolved quickly, thank goodness).
I am now almost 35 weeks pregnant, which means there are 5 weeks to go, give or take a couple of weeks depending on when the kid decides to actually come. We are SO excited! I feel ready for the baby part and for being a mom and all that and I am definitely ready for the baby to be OUTSIDE my body as he is still in love with my ribcage. Fun? Not really! But we still need to get our home in complete order before he arrives, so New Year's Day was spent creating a bit of organizational chaos in our home. We are ALMOST done. WOOHOO!
Welp, this blog has gotten pretty long and somewhat boring. So I am going to stop it there! But I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season and that 2007 will be the best year yet! (-Jocelyn)

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