Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lesbian Sex: What works and what doesn't?

I've never been a fan of open sex talk, but as a lesbian blogger, I feel it is my duty.

As requested, I have decided to publish a post about sex.

I have a few questions myself. For example, does LBD (Lesbian Bed Death) really exist? I for one have not experienced it with any of my partners, so I was just wondering if anyone else had.

Anyway... Let's talk positions and techniques. What works and what doesn't?

Favourites traditionally include scissoring, oral and sex in the shower, but which of these is the favourite among lesbians? (Vote in the poll to the right or leave a comment!)

Another question: What is so sexy about sex against a wall? Is it the coldness of the wall you're leaning against or is it simply that you have complete control over your victim? I know what my answer would be, but I, along with other lesbians, am intrigued (and slightly nosey) to see what other lesbians think.

How about foreplay? Do you like it to last for a long time, or is it better to get straight into some passionate love-making?

I understand that this post is mostly a series of questions, but it'd be great to know the general feeling towards sex from others.

Comment if you want to state your arguments and opinions.

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