Friday, November 20, 2009


I wanted to do this post on my actual birthday, which was the 16th. But I failed, and have also gone through the whole week without doing this post but while its fresh on my mind, I want to simply commit this entry of:

1. At midnight I got CARDED! I was so excited to hang over my ID and show them "I'm 21!"
2. Also at midnight I had my first free drink (at the Garage) which I think was a combination of Captain Morgan a and some pineapple flavor
3. That morning my sweet friend Caymen had cooked me breakfast and got me a book I had been wanting "Irresistible Revolution" (thank you!)
4. On my way to work my grandmother called me and sang to as she does every year and I love it
5. For lunch I went to the Public House for the first time since its switch from the Drink, Tricia was with me!!! and I had my 2nd drink, Pina Colada. 
6. My aunt called me at lunch to wish me a happy birthday
7. My dinner party was at Joe's with my sweet friends and mom/bro and Rebecca where I had a drink called Shark Bite
8. Presents included; $50/photoframe from Rebecca
9. new perfume [Euphoria] my winter scent
10. a juicy new yellow iPod Nano plus some giftcard money for new tunes
11. A book about 1001 Paintings I need to see before I die, I have a lot of traveling to do now
12. Throughout the course of the days many phone calls/texts/Facebook posts/even some Tweets to me! Thanks y'all!
13. I took my first step into a liquor store which was huge!
14. I received a special gift from my Secret Sister! 
15. My mom made YUMMY Birthday cupcakes!
16. At Joe's I had to hop around the place like a bunny while smashing pans together
17. With my iTune giftcards I got the Beyonce CD + Switchfoot
18. Bought my Passion ticket! Here I come Atlanta!
19.This didn't happen on my "exact" birthday but I will throw this in, that I saw NEW MOON!
20. This also didn't happen on my "exact" birthday but it counts as a wonderful thing; TRICIA GOT TO SEE SCOTT AND THEIR COMING HOME! Yahoo!
21. Wrote a letter to God
"Father I thank You, thank You, thank You, for giving me 21 years on a place You laid down by Your hands. That You have blessed me so well and that this is a day to celebrate. Many memories have come from these years, especially the most important, committing my life to Jesus. 'By grace You have been saved' and yes I have been by your beautiful grace. I just continue to pray that I could be a light to people for as long as You allow me. More years to know more of You and experience this life. More time to develop lasting friends, grow in fellowship, bear fruit, continue to do art, be a wife, mother and sister of Christ. Father than You for what You have already done and whats to come."

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