Thursday, July 24, 2008

I Wish Desert Had Another "S"

We are in Utah!!! This Friday is Robert's brother's wedding (yay Stephen!). If you live in Utah and you didn't know we are here, don't be offended, please! We decided this was a family-first trip, so we have seen hardly any friends. We would love to see friends who want to drop by or have us over for a quick visit sometime, but otherwise, we're trying to devote our time to BOTH of our (large) families.

I've got to say, the desert air is not liking my lungs (or Peter's from the sounds of it). The first night I was here, my throat was already hurting and it continues to feel sooooo dry. I guess I really am used to living in humid D.C. I love Utah, though, mainly because our families are here in large part and I love our families. Yay!

Well, this post is kind of lame, so check out a post that isn't; my testimony of the Savior. I really do know it to be true. Read on.

Love to y'all. (-Jocelyn)

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