Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Yes, I'm Naive

Well, I'm not having the fondue. Sorry, you didn't all get to comment. As I was looking at the ingredients list (and typing it all up for you in the comments), I came across the word "Kirsch" and wondered what the heck that was. A Google-second later... and I am now NOT having the fondue. Kirsch is brandy. So there are now TWO alcoholic substances in my fondue. I could deal with the wine... if it's a little bit and it's going to cook off... but it just seems like a bad omen to be okay with the wine (which is the second ingredient on the list, meaning it's got to be in there quite a bit)... and the BRANDY!!!

Darrgh. Well, eating locust bean gum didn't sound very appetizing anyway.

Does anyone have a good (non-alcoholic) cheese fondue recipe? I'm in need... (-Jocelyn)

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