Monday, October 29, 2007

I Love Naptime!

Peter is napping right now, meaning I have a break, so I am blogging! Yay for us all! (BTW, isn't the above pic the cutest? Peter fell asleep on the way home from Church yesterday. I got him out of his car seat and carried him into the house and he was already back asleep, on my shoulder. SOOO sweet!)

Two facts you may not know. First, Peter is an amazing sleeper, and pretty much came to me that way. I can't take credit for it (though I do employ sleep strategies--put him down at consistent times, have a going to sleep routine, let him cry for 10 minutes if he cries, which he often doesn't) . . . but he sleeps through the night (7 pm to 7:30 am) and takes two naps a day (a morning quickie from 9-10 am and an afternoon longer nap from about 12-2 or 3 pm). How lucky am I? I know, I know, I am blessed to have such a talented sleeper. I am relishing it, because I am sure all of my children will not be this easy!

Second fact (and this one is hard to type): I have always had a somewhat secret dream to be a published (hopefully well published) author. I know, a lot of people say that. But I really mean it.

When I was eighteen and starting to really get into researching my favorite authors and their lives (I was an English major because I love literature and writing!), I saw a trend that is super arbitrary and somewhat forced: "most" (a lot of) major authors publish their first significant work of fiction between the ages of 24 and 28. Upon discovering this "fact," I came up with a personal challenge: I would publish my first book by the time I turned 28.

This was a dream and a goal I set with myself. I kept it mostly secret, for fear, mainly, that I wouldn't achieve it or I would change my mind about really doing it and thus feel dorky for having said it (too late now!). Very few people knew about it. And now, I'm telling all of you.

I figured I might as well, because my parents (see pictures above and below; love you guys!) got it out of me as they grilled me during their trip about my personal (non-Peter, just for me) goals. And they took me seriously. Robert did, too. They told me I could do it... I should do it... and they are now following up and encouraging me.

Two nights ago, an amazing thing happened. I sat down at my computer, and despite the fact that I almost always have writer's block when I write creatively and it takes me a long, long time to write ANYTHING because of it (the block comes from my perfectionism; whole other blog)... this time was different. I decided to just relax and write whatever came to mind. I did... and I liked it. Writing was really fun and surprisingly easy! I have now written three "chapters," and I feel like I have finally started this dream. This may not be the book that gets published, and I know the industry well enough to know that the chances anything I write will be read are slim... but I am still going for it.

So I want to throw it out there. What dreams have you been hiding? You know you have them. The secret desire to be a clothing designer... or an artist... or a singer (okay, another one of mine is to perform on Broadway, but that's probably not going to happen due to a lot of reasons, not fear)... or a politician... or whatever! Be brave and let me know! (-Jocelyn)

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