Tuesday, October 9, 2007

WLC 4: Smile!

Yes, I gained. 0.4 pounds. Not quite half a pound, but still a gain.

I think my problem (still) lies in emotional eating. A habit I am hoping to eradicate through heartfelt application of weight-loss principles. Faith better work in weight loss, because I am simply going through the motions (doing)... hoping I will gain the conviction and ability behind the motions sometime later. With faith, you often have to "step into the darkness," per se, to gain testimony or knowledge. The best way to gain a testimony of a principle is to live that principle, hope that you can believe it is true, and keep going through the motions (and the hoping) until the conviction comes. Maybe it's the same for weight loss. I hope so. I'll see.

Sorry it's been a while. The weekend was exceptional, with Conference. I was so sad to have it end, but I am grateful for the many words of inspiration that touched my heart. Here's hoping I can "be a little better" (as President Hinckley is fond of saying) and continue to progress in my many endeavors.

Peter is 8 months old today. How crazy is that? He is learning so many new things, I can't even believe it. He is crawling, very slowly, one crawl at a time. He hasn't quite mastered the arm movements, but he gets the legs. It makes me a little sad that he's becoming mobile. Partly, selfishly, because it means I need to be better at picking up and I need to finish babyproofing. Okay, I guess the whole sadness is selfish, because I'm also sad that he's so into going and moving and exploring that he doesn't cuddle much anymore, like he used to, and I love my cuddle time with him! Don't worry, I still force it on him (haha)... no, he likes it... when he's tired and not super curious. I know, I know, he's only 8 months, but as he keeps getting older and older... it feels like I'm getting closer to the time when he'll no longer be my baby. And that makes me sad.

In a HAPPIER light, though, he is 8 months and he is healthy and happy. AND even if he is always on the go (usually rolling, though he always tries crawling first now), he also always smiles and coos and giggles when I look at him or smile at him or try to make him laugh. So I still have my Mommy Magic.

Isn't it the best feeling to earn the pure, undiluted smile of a baby? Well, it's even better when it's your own child, in my opinion. I earn more smiles a day than I can count, but supply-and-demand economics do not apply; their value never diminishes for me. Peter's smiles remain among my greatest assets. (-Jocelyn)

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