Sunday, March 7, 2010


After falling in love with the show "Buried Life" (good show on MTV) I asked the question tonight to friends: What do you want to do before you die?
Here is what they said.


1. see the conclusion of Lost (show)

2. made into a statue

3. wrestle a bear

4. tattoo of my face on my face

5. raise an army of Gerbils

6. get married in a submarine where the monkey will read the vows

7. win a breakdancing contest...blindfolded

8. find the holy grail and drink mountain dew: code red out/from it

9. i want a pair of Wrangler jeans

10. gain immortal life


1. skydiving

2. be a game-show contestant

3. have a family

4. dunk a basketball

5. have a picture published in a Sports magazine

6. own a motorcycle

7. go on a road-trip across the country

8. go to Vegas

9. sneak into the Superbowl

10. make Dean's list

11. go to Texas State fair


1. get married

2. visit all 7 continents

3. learn how to speak ebonics

4. meet Rachel McAdams

5. meet Leonardo DiCaprio

6. graduate college

7. want a daughter

8. be swallowed by a whale

9. play with a monkey

10. learn how to play the banjo


1. tell everyone I know that "I love them!"

2. travel all the states

3. go to all the Nascar races

4. another tattoo (currently 2)

5. travel outside of the United States

6. graduate college

7. get married where my parents got married

8. have kids

9. be a personal assistant

10. scuba diving, cliff diving

11. move to North Carolina

12. learn how to play a piano

13. be a photographer

14. never break a bone


1. go to the October feast in Munich

2. visit Greece

3. dismantle the US government

4. fly a plane

5. see the Astros win the World Series

6. spend a week in Sicily

7. see Muse live

8. marry a woman who cooks breakfast for me

9. see G.W Bush pass away

10. own a meerschaum bowl, calabash pipe

11. visit St. Petersburg

12. enter the deep-fried bacon wrapped, bisquick breaded hotdog covered in powdered sugar and honey


1. become a professional photographer

2. get married

3. have a kid or two

4. have a house that is completely paid off

5. travel to Ireland & Scotland

6. cross of the people on my "Punch in the face" list

7. play in a professional band in a big concert

8. own a Nissan GTR

9. go skydiving

10. get to see my children's children


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