Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yeah. I've given you 3 celesbian outings this year, and the fourth one is mine!

That's right, I came out to my parents yesterday.

I'm pretty much already out to everyone else anyway: members of my family and my friends already knew.

I know you're also probably thinking 'You should come out to your parents first!' But I have good reasons why I didn't. My Dad especially is usually extremely homophobic and my Mother cringes every time a gay person is on TV.

Also, I knew I could trust and rely on many of my friends and family more than I could rely on my parents not to judge me. Sounds really bad, but I just couldn't.

Anyway, you should all know that the whole experience has been quite strange, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Turns out, they weren't overjoyed, but my Dad took it way better than I thought.

I encourage anyone to come out to their parents, but only when they feel they are ready. You'll feel so much better when you have.

I've also started the poll (on the right). Tell me if you've come out or not yet, and leave a comment to explain you have or haven't!

Some coming out stories in the comments might be interesting too!

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