Thursday, March 18, 2010

6th street

6th street, originally uploaded by dlandy77.

Yesterday was so exhilarating for me because I visited Austin for a day, meet PW's sister Betsy, saw an old friend, watched a band play, ate good food, laughed a lot, went to IKEA and REI, walked 6th street and visited the capital.


These girls beside me made the trip so good for me and the photographer (Preston). Girl on far right has her own blog I love to read daily ( and this newly married best friend on far left has one as well ( and Lauren doesn't have one but she does have Twitter: @laureniswhite. I just love how much these girls play a role in my life and the conversations we can have. Thank you girls for all your love, encouragement, giving, laughter, smiles.

Kerby's Lane Kerby's Lane

This is the place where we had lunch, and Tricia got a free shirt.

I really like my Spring Break.

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