Wednesday, March 10, 2010


There wasn't a huge outpour of what I should blog about, but the one I liked was from Christine: "What the Lord is teaching you this year." 
So that's my entry for today.

But before I begin that I just want to say how much I love this weather! I need to be snapping pictures of this gorgeous weather and people walking around in shorts, flip-flops. There are tons more people on campus when the sun is out and a cool breeze. So pictures are coming soon.

Its only into the third month of the year but the Lord as already taught me so much. He rejuvenates my heart so that He can bring me Joy. I can truly know Grace. I can truly know Love. At the start of the year I was already dealing with doubts, false things put into my head. Thoughts of unworthiness, unloved, alone. God used that to show me Him more. To soak myself in His word. Illustrating to me the Cross in its full meaning. He's showing me trust. Complete trust. Things will be done for His Kingdom. I will be used for His Kingdom, but His grace. He's showing me how to embrace this time of singleness and for how long that season is. During this time I have so much I can do for myself and also discover myself as a woman of Christ and prepare myself. His perfect timing. The Lord knows exactly when things should get done, how they should, with who they should. 

All of this shows me an illustration of a flower and its season through the year. 

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