Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Evening; Dream Home

This crisp cold air makes me so happy and I would much rather be sitting outside bundled up in my coat then in AC in an unattractive classroom or computer lab.

Tonight I have a lot of studying to do which I have come to the conclusion that I am horrible at doing nor is it no fun. I will be so thrilled after graduation when I am not studying anymore!

And I am also excited for my first house (whenever that will be) In the house I want it to include; a cute kitchen, curtains, candles everywhere, plants, a backyard, painted walls, canvases hung of different artists, a welcoming door mat, a dog, black & white pictures displayed, a 4 seat dining table so I can host dinner parties, a good size closet for my clothes, a COMFY bed, and a nice desk that I love to sit down and blog on.

look at how cute this puppy is: lab beagle mix

Until then, I will be blogging from either work or a built in ugly desk attached to my bedroom wall.

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