Sunday, March 1, 2009

ZombieMom Update

Hello everyone and welcome back! I'm typing this while nursing my almost-two-week-old (TOMORROW!)... talent, eh? It's not that impressive when you consider that I have a very helpful nursing pillow AND I have been nursing every 2-3 hours round the clock for the past almost two weeks. Haha...ha... hence the ZOMBIEMOM-ness of it all.

Jeremy seems to be doing really well, though. He has this funny habit of generally squeaking, hence "squeaker" from the last post. But when he gets mad, he goes from whisper-squeak to FULL-throttle SCREAMING in milliseconds. Seriously. There is NO middle ground with this kid. Hopefully this isn't an indication of what toddlerdom will be like with him, because our actual toddler, Peter, is...

going crazy! He was always a pretty mellow kid. Peter is generally happy and helpful, with his "moments" thrown in. Since Jeremy came home, Peter has been on a rollercoaster ride of tantrum upon tantrum... mainly directed at yours truly... so I've had my fun share of being hit (he used to never hit!), having things thrown at me, and general crankiness. I understand and feel for Peter, because it must be hard having your world turned completely upside down... as in, 24/7 there-for-Peter Mama is now holding baby Jeremy 95% of the time... and it's hard for him to understand... but it's still frustrating! Luckily, my mom is here so she has been distracting him and Robert focuses on him when he's home. The past couple of days have been better... I'm hoping this means he's finally getting used to the new addition.

Robert went back to the full swing of work and school last week and survived... and we are both, I think, adjusting to nighttime feeding schedule (though I try to let Robert sleep if I don't need his help). I'm actually feeling awake during the day (given that I sleep in -- thanks Mom! -- until 9:30 and take 2 or so long naps every day) and I'm healing faster than I did with the first C-section. I'm still far from better, but I'll give it the 6 weeks. I think I'm doing great, then I get into the "real" world for a minute (like a quick trip to the grocery store or Ikea) and realize I still walk like a shuffling old lady... and can only walk painlessly for a few minutes. After that, my body reminds me it is still in need of repair!!!

Well, here are some pics to entertain y'all. Some newbies. Forgive my grunginess; it's my usual outfit nowadays!!! Love to all... -Jocelyn

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