Friday, March 27, 2009


Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top check out Robert's mad theory blog below (and comment!). I don't want to eclipse his blog, but it's high time I post the bazillion pictures we have.

Brace yourself for cuteness.

First Bath Trauma:

Peter the Drooling Sleeper:

Peter and BFF Maama (we miss you!!):

The Big Bro Torture Has Begun:

One of My Favs:

Peter the Stud All Ready for Church:

Jeremy's Many Expressions...

"I'm confused"
"Another picture?? Don't you have anything better to do???"

"Ooooh..." (he's either very interested or very ninja-esque)
"Enough already! FEED me!!"

Aren't my boys the cutest ever? I agree. :) (-Jocelyn)

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