Monday, March 30, 2009

Oranges Aren't The Only Fruit

In the past, I've blogged about the more homophobic goings on at my college. However, for once, I have some positive to write about on the gay front.

I was casually strolling past the DVD section in our college library (I was actually about to leave) when what should I see but the movie version of Jeanette Winsterson's Oranges Aren't The Only Fruit.

'Oranges' follows a lesbian girl and her partner who is adopted into a religious family. Obviously, the fact that this DVD even existed in such a close proximity to my own home (clearly ignoring my personal DVD collection) surprised me because in a small town like ours, most people have very old-fashioned views on homosexuals.

The fact that the movie was there for everyone to see - it wasn't pushed to the back, gathering dust, it was actually on the front row! - put a smile on my face and simply inspired me to write this blog.

So whoever put it there or suggested it should be available for rent in a public library, I salute you.

P.s. Since when could you take out DVDs in a library? Surely that is what Blockbuster is for...

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