Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Stars Come Out

Last night was the first time Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol have played each other in Los Angeles. Yeah, they've played in Memphis before but the only celebrities in Memphis are Three-6-Mafia and BB King's corpse. Needless to say, things are bigger in LA.

Even the Gasol's realized this. They tried their first fist pound ever for the occasion.
Having succeeded with the fist pound. The Gasol's pranced up and down the court.

I'm pretty sure they were excited because their brother David (pronounced "DAH-veed") was in the house. They hadn't seen him since they left Spain.

Of course, David Gasol wasn't the only big name in attendance. Orlando Magic head coach Stan Van Gundy came out to scout his potential Finals opponent.

The stars of 2002's Best Picture winner Anger Management were courtside.
As a special promotion, it was "90s night." The Lakers invited people who haven't been relevant in years to come and sit courtside. It was their way of acknowledging that even though the don't have the clout to deserve premium seats, they aren't forgotten.

For instance, "musician" Fred Durst was allowed in public for the first time since that song with Method Man. One of the biggest surprises was that the Lakers invited the spirit of 1999 era Jared Leto to attend the game. Not surprisingly, 1999 era Jared Leto was happy to attend.With all these huge stars showing up, Andy Garcia was relegated to the nosebleeds. Again. Sorry, Andy. At least you got 8th billing in the Ocean's 11 franchise.

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