Monday, March 2, 2009

You're Stupid

The circumstances surrounding my viewing of Who Shot Mamba? are beyond strange. At first, it was hard to believe that this was an actual movie. I mean, the logistics of shooting a feature film about snake murder and the scrapped synthetic basketball are a good enough jokes in and of themselves. I even thought they now expunged trailer was the whole of the movie, because that seemed like something that could easily be done for a joke. But then the IMDB page appeared, completely confirming the existence of WSM?.

So it exists. That enough is shocking. Also shocking was when Brian offered to make some screeners, I guess to "reward" patient readers. As a huge fan of jokes and things, I signed up. So the DVD gets pressed, but due to shipping problems it couldn't be sent. Twice. Because I was obviously meant to see this movie, Brian happened to be visiting in a town about 20 minutes from where I live. You'd be surprised how many people are seeing a movie at 10 am on a Saturday, but that didn't make getting the DVD feel anything less like a drug deal from a movie about drug dealing.

When I told my wife we'd be watching it, she asked what it was about. I had no idea how to explain it. I told her it was about jokes and basketball and snakes. After seeing the movie, I think I'd probably describe it the exact same way. It's hilarious and totally bizarre and has AT LEAST Foot Fist Way potential to be a cult hit. Certainly NBA bloggers are going to love it because it's like watching YaySports, but normal people will be interested too, as long as they like jokes. It's catchphrase-y, straight out funny, absurd, and there are certain items in the movie that I would like to own.

I've never written a movie review before, as you can probably tell. I just know how to say that I like things that are funny. This is a thing that is funny. I hope every person on planet Earth gets to see it soon.

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