Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas in the City

With the coming of December
Comes a time we all remember
As the leaves turn golden brown
Lights go up and snow comes down

Jocelyn makes wassail and cookies
(Emeril and Ray are rookies)
Peter eats some Christmas tree
And always wants to pee on me

Yes, every day is fun and joyous
There's just one thing to annoy us
Christmas time means finals too
And I have tests (and not a few)

So every day brings sights for seeing
Every day finds Peter peeing
Jocelyn's got her cookies singe-ing
I'm at school, sad and cringing.


Christmas Tree

Stockings hung by the fire. This is our first house as a married couple that has a chimney for Santa.

This is Peter when he thinks we're funny.


This is Peter when he thinks we're idiots.


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