Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We've got a lot of teeth problems around the Gibbons home. Robert's teeth are fine (for now), but mine and Peter's aren't feeling so good! I think I have a cavity... but I'm not sure whether it's a cavity or a bad canker sore (because I do have a canker sore back there, too). I've only had (don't beat me) two, maybe three cavities in my entire life... so I'm not all that familiar with what it feels like. My ear is starting to ache, too, so it may even just be allergies (because my back teeth ache sometimes when I have allergy stuff).

AND PETER... well, our superstar wants a big kid's mouth quick, apparently, because he is currently growing FOUR new teeth for a new total of EIGHT teeth. That's right, he almost has EIGHT teeth!!! Isn't that insane? The poor kid has been in some pain lately, but a bit of Infant Tylenol and a lot of distraction has helped him not be too grumpy (just somewhat). I'll have to get a picture of his teeth... if he lets me. He doesn't often let me see them (or touch them) so I'll just have to try.

I was thinking earlier, in a weird moment of musing, about how back in the day -- way back in the day, like during Queen Elizabeth I's time -- they didn't have orthodontists or anything like that. I am not an expert in any way, shape, or form on the Renaissance, but if this fantasy is how it really was, imagine with me meeting royalty -- the queen even -- and then looking into her mouth and seeing a set of very bad teeth (indeed!). Isn't that just a funny thought? The ruler of a powerful nation having crooked and even rotting teeth?

Okay, enough geekiness for now. I just thought I'd share. Have a good one! (-Jocelyn)

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