Saturday, November 3, 2007


Yeah. My child, particularly in the past week, has finally reached a crazy stage! His current favorite (naughty) activities are to:
  • try to yank out our vertical blinds (seriously, HOW do you babyproof vertical blinds??? My current solution is to put a big pillow in front of them when they're closed together, but that only deters him for so long...)

  • eat anything and everything in sight, including pieces of lint or dust or something on the carpet (I promise I vacuum!), pieces of carpet (ours comes off around the edges), and our coffee table legs

  • wiggle and kick like mad whenever I try to hold him and he's soooo not in the mood (I miss my cuddle baby!)

  • bite and bite hard (this one is mostly a shout out to Robert; for some reason, Peter's favorite way to say "I love you" to Daddy lately is to try to take a big chunk out of Robert's shoulder or arm, basically wherever his four little [but piercing] teeth can reach)

  • kick and bang everything imaginable (the coffee table, the walls, the windows, the couch)

  • and . . . (see video clips below . . . though the best is yet to come, because it wouldn't fit)


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