Tuesday, December 4, 2007


My ever-amazing, sweet, and wonderful husband, Robert, has his FIRST law school final tomorrow (Wednesday)! AHHH! How crazy is that? Finals are pretty much 100% of his grade, so it is a super stressful time, so he is studying like mad and we are praying with all we've got that he'll do well!

He has a final on Wednesday and Friday this week, then two more next week, on Tuesday and Thursday. Any good thoughts and prayers sent our way will be very much appreciated. :)

Peter is all over the place and it is freaking me out a bit! I can't believe in just a WEEK's time he is already crawling way fast, getting into everything, eating a ton more solid food (including biscuits, which he's started feeding himself), sitting up all the time . . . it is absolutely incredible how fast things can change and kids can grow! He is so adorable, though, and we love him sooo much. My favorite part of the day with Peter is the morning, actually. We have a tradition that when our alarm goes off (aka, when Peter wakes us up with his talking and/or crying), one parent goes to make a bottle and the other cuddles with Peter in our bed. Then we sandwich Peter between us and cuddle with him while he drinks his morning bottle. It is seriously one of my most favorite things, because he is so cuddly in the morning, and it is just great to start my day adoring my little love! :)

Well, I hope you are all doing well.... and that the Christmas spirit touches you soon! (-Jocelyn)

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