Friday, December 14, 2007


We are in Utah! Well, techinically, Peter and I are in Utah and Robert is on a plane on his way to Utah. Seriously, we are! Totally last minute, last week (like on Wednesday) we decided, "Why NOT?!?!" and bought tickets to fly and be with the fam for the holidays. We were pretty depressed about not going home or being with our immediate families at all, and as soon as we decided to make the financial sacrifices necessary to let it happen... we couldn't stop smiling!

So our plan is to stay with Robert's parents for a week, until the 21st, when we'll drive with my parents to California (here's hoping Peter's good! Usually he is; he was a gem on the flights here). We're staying in Cali until January 4, when we fly back to Virginia. THREE WEEKS!! Isn't that crazy and awesome?!?!?! Robert doesn't have a job this year, since he's a first year law student, and when is that going to happen again? (Not likely to happen again ever, unless he's unemployed and looking... in which case we probably can't afford the trip!) So basically, we have no commitments in Virginia now that school is out for winter break... meaning we can play for THREE weeks with our families!

Here's hoping your holidays are as happy as ours! I'll try to post some more... with pics of cute Peter playing (very happily) with his same-age cousins... but if I forget, know it's because I am having a fabulous time! Wahoo! (Oh and if you're in Utah or California and you're my friend, give me a call and we'll try to hang out!) (-Jocelyn)

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