Monday, May 7, 2007

Sports Injuries

Because we've written about Peter so much in the last few posts, I decided to write a blog about something new--sports.

1. Jazz. First off, we have the Jazz. I haven't been able to watch too many Jazz games this year because I've been so busy, and I probably won't be able to watch any playoff games because I'm in a play that runs every single night, but that doesn't mean I don't know what's going on with them. On Saturday night, when I was at theater and the Jazz were playing in Houston, I checked co-actor Bobby Swenson's cell phone every time I got offstage to see the score update. I was ecstatic the Jazz were doing so well. When the play ended, I started checking the score on my own cell phone; I saw the Jazz were down 83-88. I took my play clothes down to the laundry and then checked again--we were tied at 88. I took someone home from the play and had him continue checking the updates for me. We rejoiced together in the Jazz victory. So even though I didn't get to really watch the game, I felt like I was a participant. Now that the Jazz are going up against Golden State in Round 2, I'm going to follow the games even more closely, I predict. And maybe I'll even be able to watch the last half hour of some of the late-night ones.

2. Wii. Okay, so the Wii probably doesn't really count as sports, but at least I'm referring to sports games. Saturday night, after the aforementioned Jazz game, Jocelyn and I drove to Springville to play games with my brothers. The favorite of the night was Wii Tennis. I was probably the worst player (my wife and my brother Josh beat me and my brother Stephen in the first game I played), but I put all my energy into it. My arm felt like it was out-of-socket by the end of the night because I'd been swinging so hard. Jocelyn has talked about buying a Wii, but we probably wont' be able to afford one for a while.

3. Frisbee. My favorite sport to play on a Saturday is Ultimate Frisbee. I played two Saturdays ago on what seemed the hottest day of the year with some friends of mine. Although I love it, it has been the source of several stitches and the price of a plastic surgeon in the past. Before my mission, I was playing frisbee in a park on one occassion and was pretty much dominating everyone (not really). Then someone sailed it to me in the enzone and I ran at breakneck speed to catch it. With my eye only on the frisbee, I failed to stop myself from running full-speed into the trunk of a tree. The impact on my chin resulted in an explosion; I went to the emergency room and laid down while a plastic surgeon pulled the skin up from my neck to cover the gap left in my lower jaw. For several weeks I couldn't put my teeth together straight. Eventually it all evened out and now I can chew regularly. I also injured myself snowboarding this year. Apparently, I have a knack for that sort of thing. By the way, Frisbee Golf is also a fun game. And I haven't been injured by that yet.

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