Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Monkeys, Spiders, and Warriors

On Their Way

Jocelyn has been a little concerned that I've been submitting too many blogs about the Jazz, so I decided to submit one about the Warriors.

Last night, the Warriors lost the second round of the playoffs 87-100. It's funny, because after Game 2 of this series, I was perusing some sports forums and found that most Utah fans thought the series would go six or seven games, and virtually all Warriors fans thought the Warriors would still take it in six. One Warriors fan prophesied, "Jazz will NOT win at Golden State. The Oracle Arena is impossible to win at."

I, on the other hand, figured that once the Jazz had won their first two games, they would be playing more confidently in Oakland. I predicted, along with a very small minority, that Jazz would win one in Oakland and close it out in Game 5.

Say goodbye to the Warriors.
There have been a lot of even more exciting things going on lately. On Saturday, Jocelyn, Peter, and I went to the Hogle Zoo as part of our anniversary celebration. We found out too late we could have gotten in for free if we'd stopped by Macy's first and picked up a "Mom and Me at the Zoo" t-shirt (a Mother's Day promotional event).
We spent time looking at penguins and monkeys (including the Gibbons), and Peter thoroughly enjoyed it for the most part. We made it back to Orem in time for Jocelyn to watch my play.

On Monday, we did a little more celebrating by going to Spiderman 3, which I thought was pretty good. I also gave my wife a cd stereo for one of her gifts, and she gave me the surprisingly generous gift of first dibs on Harry Potter 7 when we it comes out in July, as well as a gift certificate to Games People Play and a DVD collection of classic musicals.

Thanks, Jocelyn!

Oh, and take a look at her new haircut. Isn't she pretty?


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