Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jazz 1-0

I went to my brother's house (Josh G.) last night to watch the game on Tivo. My wife, who was sick, generously allowed me to go on the condition that I bring back a borrowed laptop with Microsoft Word (which we no longer have) so that my wife can freelance edit for a friend of her parents.

I got to Josh's house right before the second half and watched with gut-wrenching anxiety the battle between Utah and Golden State. I have not seen such a fast-paced intense basketball game in a long time. Jazz would start to settle down, take things slow, and then Golden State would rocket the ball across court for an easy dunk. So Jazz would pick it up, then slow it down again, on and on. I must say I was very impressed with Derron Williams. He seemed to take control of the floundering Jazz, who were probably letting the Warriors get to them psychologically, taking frantic shots and throwing bad passes.

Here's a picture from one of my favorite moments from the game.


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