Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Have A Theory...

So here's a theory I came up with. I've been debating it over and over (with myself!) on whether or not it could be true.

My theory is that everyone in the world is gay, but few dare admit it.

The reason I came up with this? Well just recently, I've been noticing the growing amounts of gay and bisexual people coming out, and was just wondering: maybe all people are and are just too afraid to say! 

Crazy? Well, I was thinking, and maybe one rebellious person (there's always a bad guy in every story) wrote the Bible long ago, speaking of how man and woman were meant to be together, confusing all the new little people of the world. You know, Adam & Eve, yadda yadda yadda... Then from that day on, everyone saw homosexuality as something to be ashamed of, and became afraid to tell anyone of their same-sex attraction. 

It could be possible! Don't knock it until there's proof... (Okay, I get that there is no way of proving this, just shut up and don't be picky.)

As for Christians, (or people of other religions who oppose homosexuality) they're so far in denial that they would never think about being with someone of the same sex in fear of doing their precious God wrong... Or would they? ;)

I understand that men have for centuries used women to breed their offspring, (I won't bore you with the whole 'the sperm and the egg' notion) but would God really have given us the ability to develop new humans in other ways - ie. IVF - if he didn't want the whole of the world to be gay? I seriously think it's conceivable that God himself is gay and we have the whole thing wrong: prop 8 should be questioning the marriage between a man and a woman and Christians should be questioning whether or not God would forgive people committing 'straight sex'.

I also understand that the sudden burst of people 'coming out' around me may just be because I'm getting older, more experienced at life etc... But just think about it: How great would the world be if it was just G.A.Y?!

P.s. Obviously, if you're 'straight' and reading this, you're gonna be sat there saying "What a load of bullsh*t, I know I'm straight!" But my theory also suggests that straight people are just too insecure and scared to admit their love of the same sex because we got it all wrong from the very beginning.

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