Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Buppy and Jer-Jer

Hello all! I have the computer for a minute (don't have one during the day usually...) so I am posting!!! Do read Robert's blogs below. Love them, Honey! Thanks for keeping the blog alive and sharing your insights.

Anyway, my family have been bugging me for more pics of Jeremy (who, thanks to our distance from family, has only been able to meet my mom so far... so the fam has to see him via the blog)... I WILL now deliver. I'll post some adorable video clips of my Peter later (when I want to wait forever for them to load, ha). He is such a sweet boy and I LOVE HIM so much!

Thanks and have fun viewing! Try not to hurt yourself looking at SO MUCH DANG CUTENESS. (-Jocelyn)

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