Monday, April 13, 2009

at work

Here I am on a Monday night at work.
For you bloggers who do not know I work at an on-campus job at a computer lab.
I just check students in and assist them if they need it, but 80% of the time their fine.
I just finished a bag of Ruffles, my weakness. 
Those being chips in general.
And now I'm about to drink a Dr. Pepper
Another weakness of mine.
I didn't get the tattoo the other night,
I don't know I just flaked out.
I'll try again in a couple of months or weeks.
This week for my "Every week do something new for your New Years Resolution" is to TAKE PICTURES!
I'm going to try really hard & follow through with it.
I took a couple already, here is a picture of my friend who decided he would randomly allow a friend to paint his face, I know its disturbing. 

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