Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Late Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving (heading out the door on our way to Thanksgiving dinner)!

Hello Everybody! And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Ours was a super yummy one, thanks to our great cousins Cori and Jace and extended fam (and to John's stuffing... which I actually made and brought; turned out GREAT).
Seriously... I think I am in denial about how soon this baby is coming! I had a wake-up call the other day as I went to the doctor's office and had a VBAC consult. After all the warnings which he's required to run down with me, I had to sign a form saying I'm doing it anyway... so the doctor asks me which hospital I'm delivering at. Simple question, supposedly. Yeah, right! I hadn't even THOUGHT about it. How ridiculous is that? I had the hospital picked and was all registered by like 2 months with Peter... not so much now.
So now I'm realizing... oh, I should probably register for the hospital and start getting a place ready for the baby (still need to get a bassinet and a double stroller and maybe a few other perks, but mostly, this kid is getting hand-me-down-heaven). Less than three months now until the due date (February 26) so I guess I really need to start pulling it together!

Speaking of efficiency... I FINALLY uploaded pics from Halloween, visits to the local pumpkin patch, and a token shot from Thanskgiving... so I will share. Yay for all of you!

Well, wish me luck attempting to get my baby prep together (starting with my house, haha; oh how I am SO JEALOUS of those of you who seem to so seemlessly and naturally keep an organized home; you know who you are). Have a great weekend! (-Jocelyn)

Peter (Superman) and his friend Emily (fairy). So cute!

Robert (Clark Kent) and his "other side" Superman.

Jocelyn (Lois Lane), Clark Kent, and Superman.

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