Monday, November 24, 2008

For Your Reference: Basketball Nicknames

Wikipedia is a glorious and entirely accurate resource. For Your Reference highlights the best parts of this completely true learning tool. The picture will come from searching for the Wikipedia term in question.First up, the List of Nicknames Used in Basketball.

The List of Nicknames Used in Basketball is quite handy. Perhaps you'd like to buff up on some of the seemingly forgotten AKAs for your favorite players. Maybe you're curious about what people actually called Donyell Marshall. More likely, however, you like laughing and smiling. Those are the best.

I find it most advantageous to break this plethora of sobriquets in to categories to keep them organized. Please note that all the nicknames are taken verbatim from Wikipedia.

Nicknames No One Has Ever Actually Used
  • Air Zaire - Dikembe Mutumbo
  • Apollo 33 - Jamario Moon
  • Big Snacks - Jerome James
  • The Blonde Bomber - Dirk Nowitzki
  • The Boston Celtic Mascot - Brian Scalabrine
  • Boshinator - Chris Bosh
  • Flop - Manu Ginobili
  • Go Go Gadget Arms - Kevin Garnett
  • Ko Ditty Ko - Kobe Bryant
  • Mr. Perfect - Jeff Green
  • The Money Man - Mehmet Okur
  • Nickel - Anfernee Hardaway
  • PG2010 - Pau Gasol
  • The Riddler - Zydrunas Ilgauskas
  • Troy Toy - Troy Murphy

Nicknames Where the Definition is Better Than the Actual Nickname

  • Baby Gramps - Greg Oden ("He is a remarkably old looking young man.")
  • Baby Shaq - Sofoklis Schortscanitis ("From his alleged resemblance to Shaquille O'Neal, plus he is slightly smaller in size than O'Neal.")
  • The Beast - Patrick Ewing ("Due to his appearance.")
  • Buffet of Goodness - Channing Frye ("He has described himself as a buffet of goodness because of his all around skills.")
  • DaWhite Howard - David Lee ("Reference to him being a white player, and his similar penchant for snarring rebounds ala rebound king Dwight Howard.")
  • Hot Plate - John Sam Williams ("Normally referred to as simply John Williams; nickname from his large girth, and to distinguish him from John "Hot Rod" Williams. Both of these John Williams's entered the NBA in 1986 from colleges in Louisiana ("Hot Plate" from LSU, "Hot Rod" from Tulane). ")
  • The Italian Stallion - Andrea Bargnani ("Italian translation – 'The Magician'")
  • Memo Man - Ramon Sessions ("Because of the career highs he sets every game.")
  • The Rain Man - Ray Allen ("His shots always drip, like rain.")
  • The 'Stache - Adam Morrison ("For his much-scrutinized mustache.")

Nicknames I Wish I Knew Existed Earlier

  • Big Red - Arvydas Sabonis
  • Buc the World - Greg Buckner
  • Captain Crunch - Jalen Rose
  • Earl the Squirrel - Earl Boykins
  • Garbage Man - Michael Bradley
  • Grits n Gravy - Ricky Davis
  • Hungry Hungry Hilton - Hilton Armstrong
  • The Rash - Bruce Bowen
  • Mongoose Quick Rick - Ricky Davis
  • Ghostface - Joel Pryzbilla

Nicknames Created by the Internet

  • Agent Zero - Gilbert Arenas
  • Kid Delicious - Kevin Durant
  • The Armadillo Cowboy - Joe Johnson
  • The Poo God - Manu Ginobili
  • Timmy Deucecan - Tim Duncan
  • The Medicine Man - Chris Quinn

There's a whole lot of goodness over there, have a look and chime in with your favorites.

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